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2021-2025 Campaign

Since focused development efforts began in 2010, Downtown Decatur, Alabama, has been transformed into a destination that is increasingly attracting the attention of investors, developers, visitors, and new residents.

Since launching its first capital campaign in 2010, the Decatur Downtown Redevelopment Authority has partnered with leadership in government, corporate entities, foundations and individuals, to raise millions of dollars over the course of two capital campaigns focused on driving progress in the downtown area.

As our 2021-2025 capital campaign kicks off, we are committed to continuing the momentum, firm in our belief that a community with a vibrant downtown, is a community that continues to grow and succeed.

The 2021-2025 Plan includes four areas of focus, with two project areas identified as highest priorities

The 2021-2025 Campaign encompasses elements of the City of Decatur’s One Decatur Plan related to the Downtown area. Additionally, our community’s Young Professionals have been actively participating in defining our goals and focus areas over the next five years, ensuring we are taking the needs of this important target demographic into account.

Highest Priority Goals for
2021 – 2025

Beautify the 6th Avenue Gateway between the river bridge and Delano Park

Develop Decatur
Downtown Commons

Overview of Focus Areas for 2021 – 2025

  • City Entries and Connectors
  • The Downtown Commons/Other Currently Available Areas
  • Residential/Mixed Use Development
  • Riverfront