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Economic Impact

Since active redevelopment efforts began in downtown Decatur in 2010, the economic impact in our community has been significant.

Many studies have been conducted showing the economic impact of downtown redevelopment efforts. Downtown redevelopment increases direct investment in a community while creating jobs, increasing property values, and attracting visitors and new residents. We are seeing tremendous economic impact from development efforts in our own community.

In excess of $81 Million in capital expenditures has been invested in downtown Decatur since 2010.








Private Capital Expenditures


Public Capital Expenditures


Facade Improvements


Incentive Grants awarded


New Residential Units


New Pocket Parks


New Outdoor Amphitheatre


Streetscape Projects
Data last updated 6/2019

Major projects completed since 2010 that are attracting thousands of people to downtown Decatur:

The Cook Museum of
Natural Science

This $32.4 million, state-of-the-art natural science museum opened in Downtown Decatur in June, 2019. It is projected to attract over 200,000 visitors to downtown Decatur every year, not including student groups visiting with their schools.

Alabama Center for the Arts

The Alabama Center for the Arts is the region’s premier art center and degree program offering Associate of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees in visual and performing arts. Hundreds of students attend the college throughout the year and can often be seen working on projects or hanging out downtown.

Historic Depot and
Railroad Museum

The Historic Depot is attracting thousands of visitors each year from around the country and the world, who come to watch trains pass by the platform and enjoy the extensive model train displays.

Why I chose to invest in Downtown Decatur

  • “The growth and accomplishments seen in Downtown Decatur from 2006 to today is simply amazing. We credit DDRA for spearheading, supporting, encouraging, and driving so much of the change Decatur was in desperate need of.”

    -- Tom Counts, 3-GIS CEO

  • “The potential for a true revitalization of the historic downtown area was huge and energized us to want to be a part of it – part of something bigger than ourselves and allow us to support and encourage civic responsibility internally as well as externally with others in the community.”

    -- Ronnie Hoff, Magnolia River CEO