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Focus Areas

The 2021-2025 Plan for Decatur Downtown ongoing development includes four areas of focus, with two project areas identified as highest priorities.

Highest Priority Goals for
2021 – 2025

Beautify the 6th Avenue Gateway between the river bridge and Delano Park

Develop Decatur
Downtown Commons

City Entries and Connectors

Goals for this focus area include improving overall aesthetics by moving power underground, adding more visible and attractive signage, filling in and repairing sidewalks, and adding additional landscaping. Other goals include developing a new Visitors Center, potentially moving the Farmer’s Market to Lee Street, establishing a trolley system, and continuing to develop new public parking. Target areas include: 6th Ave. Gateway into the city (highest priority), Lee St./6th Ave. Connector, 2nd Ave. and Bank St. Connection, Albany/6th Ave. Connector and 4th Ave. Development.

The Downtown Commons/Other Currently Available Areas

Goals for this focus area include developing new Opportunity Zones, updating city ordinances to make it easier for developers, creating a fund to purchase available properties, and actively recruiting development and new businesses to transform this area into a vibrant mixed use destination. Additional plans include transforming Dry Creek into an outdoor recreation area, promoting the creation of public art installations, continuing to develop other museums or draws to downtown, lighting downtown structures and bridges, and hiring a permanent employee to coordinate and develop more outdoor activities and events in the downtown area.

Residential/Mixed Use Development

Continue the process of developing mixed use and residential properties. Develop student housing with completion of Phase III of the Alabama Center for the Arts, the four year art college located in Downtown Decatur. Developing new living options and attracting more residents to live downtown is a major goal and critical component of long term redevelopment efforts.


Goals for this focus area include improving riverfront facilities to encourage more recreational and tourism activities, continuing to develop Rhodes Ferry Park, adding a kayak dock with a designated kayak stream, and adding additional restaurants, artist spaces, and more. Additionally, creation of an iconic Pedestrian Crossover connecting the riverfront to downtown while establishing another iconic entry point is a priority.