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Economic Impact

What 100 New Jobs Would Mean to Decatur and Morgan County

When an existing business expands or a new business or industry invests in the downtown Decatur area, significant benefits ensue. The entire public and private economic structure in Decatur and Morgan County benefits from increased payroll dollars, increased demand for housing, goods and services, greater capital investment and, most importantly, a broader tax base. The overall benefits that Decatur and Morgan County would enjoy as a result of a new business relocating to Decatur's city center and creating one hundred (100) new jobs are summarized below.

Through the Partnership for Progress our area is expected to create a minimum of 700 new jobs (direct and indirect) during the next five years. And the growth that this will produce must be managed with vision and responsibility.

The success of the Partnership for Progress program is dependent on the strong financial commitment of the corporate leadership in our community. The men and women who are providing exceptional leadership in the campaign have already made their five-year investments in the Partnership for Progress. Now we urge you to join us and make your investment in the future of Decatur and Morgan County.

The Impact of 100 New Jobs

Employment (Direct and Indirect) 207 Jobs Per Year
Increase in Personal Income $6.6 Million Per Year
Increase in Retail Sales $2.7 Million Per Year
Increase in Durable Goods Demand $1.0 Million Per Year
Increase in Non-Durable Goods Demand $1.7 Million Per Year
Increase in Housing Demand 416 Per Population Per Year

Creation of 107 Indirect Jobs

Job Type Number of Jobs Created
Wholesale, Retail, Entertainment 35
Business Services 28
Other Manufacturing 18
Public Administration 10
Financial Services 6
Transportation 3
Construction 2
Other 5

Increase of $1.0 Million in Durable Goods Demand

Type of Durable Good Amount of Demand
Automobile Dealers $765,000
Building Materials $133,333
Furniture $99,000

Increase of $1.7 Million in Non-Durable Goods Demand

Type of Non-Durable Good Amount of Demand
Restaurants $630,450
Food Stores $532,730
General Merchandise $220,860
Apparel $61,080
Other $247,030

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