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Envision Decatur Long Range Plan

The Envision Decatur Plan is a detailed, long-term plan on how Decatur's downtown can be revitalized and redeveloped to increase commerce, housing and interest in the downtown districts. The plan calls for the establishment of a thriving arts community, active recruitment of businesses, retailers and restaurants to the downtown area, creation of mixed use building space, building of new residential housing and improvement of the overall general appearance of Decatur's downtown and gateway entrances.

The plan, established following a 2002 study commissioned by the city of Decatur and the Decatur-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce, was a 2004 award recipient for "Outstanding Urban Design Project". The plan reflects the opinions and views offered by Decatur residents during the eighteen month public planning process that took place in 2002 and 2003.

The Guiding Principles of the Envision Decatur Plan are to:

  • Create a complementary market niche for both downtown districts
  • Create a marketable image for the downtown and waterfront
  • Maximize fiscal benefits
  • Attract private development interest to the downtown
  • Redefine gateways, circulation, parking and wayfinding
  • Revitalize corridors for new downtown development
  • Redefine riverfront use and downtown linkages
  • Create an attractive public realm
  • Rediscover neighborhood resources and linkages
  • Lead an ongoing public participation process that builds unity

The Envision Decatur Plan is an extremely comprehensive plan. To view or download the complete Envision Decatur plan in whole or in parts, visit our Resource Library.

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