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Development of Decatur Downtown Commons

The Envision Decatur study emphasized the importance of creating a signature public open space called “Decatur Commons” in the Dry Creek area that extends from the Tennessee River south to Gordon Drive. Decatur Downtown Commons will replace former industrial properties with select businesses and technical education centers that will produce higher value jobs for the City Center. Such a development will serve a higher and better use for the property and create a new office/technology park with an emphasis on education in the City Center. To accomplish this, the new Strategic Plan will:

  • Implement the Decatur Downtown Commons development plan
  • Establish an Education and Technology Business Park in Decatur Downtown Commons
  • Create pedestrian and transportation linkages between Decatur Downtown Commons and the City Center
  • Introduce “Quiet Crossings” for the Moulton St. and 2nd St. Railroad Crossings

Decatur Corridor Development

DDRA is a sponsor and partner of Decatur Corridor Development, which began in 2015 to lay a foundation for growth in Morgan County. Corridor's projects focus on identification and development of key real estate, internal quality of life, and expanding the economy. Key projects include development of DDRA's strategic plan for the Decatur Downtown Commons, the Alabama Arts Hall of Fame, Startup Decatur, and a STEM-focused young professional recruiting program, The Best and Brightest Initiative.

Five-Year Goals:

  • Create and begin to implement a set of working plans to develop a premier Education and Technology Business Park  
  • Transform the warehouse properties into the signature public open space emphasized in the Envision Decatur study
  • Enhance the Moulton Street Corridor to create transportation and pedestrian linkages between Decatur Downtown Commons and the City Center



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