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City Center Development

The Decatur Downtown Redevelopment Authority, together with the city, the county and the area’s corporate leadership has established a collective partnership that has created an impressive start for the economic and aesthetic development in downtown. Continued support of the Princess Theatre, the Carnegie Visual Arts Center and the ongoing growth and development of the Alabama Center for the Arts, along with the Cook Museum of Natural Science gives significant anchors in the Arts and Museum Districts. Completing the pedestrian bridge will be the key in linking the City Center to the Riverfront at Rhodes Ferry Park. We must build on our successes and assist existing businesses downtown, recruit new targeted businesses and establish a sense of destination, all of which are vital to the Decatur area’s economic well-being. Now is the time to focus on this momentum and establish downtown Decatur as the city’s center once again.


The Five-Year Strategic Plan will:

  • Establish extensive residential development in downtown Decatur
  • Develop the planned River Clay Arts Festival into a signature benchmark event that would personify the development of downtown Decatur’s arts based economy
  • Enhance the Railroad Depot and restore the functionality of this important historical structure and critical economic development component for the City Center
  • Partner with the Entrepreneurial Center in the development of the Entrepreneurial Center for the Arts in downtown
  • Advocate the reconfiguration of the intersection of 6th Avenue and Wilson Street (Hwy 20) to enhance riverfront development
  • Prioritize the enhancement and development of the 6th Avenue Gateway Corridor
  • Develop the Museum District to include part of the Railroad Depot and the new Cook Museum Project

Five-Year Goals:

  • Establish a minimum of 50 residential units in the City Center
  • Develop and implement the River Clay Arts Festival as a signature event in the development of the downtown as an arts based economy
  • Recruit 50 new businesses to the City Center
  • Assist a minimum of 25 existing businesses with their expansion needs
  • Create 250 new jobs from new and existing business expansions
  • 30 mm. in capital investment

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