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March 18, 2015 - Decatur Gateway Pedestrian Bridge Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Decatur, Alabama is a city and a community well known for its unquestioned willingness to become involved and work together in partnerships with end results that set a high standard for community development.

Recently, one such partnership became a successful example of what can be accomplished when you bring together the best of those talents and ideals. It is a project guided by the Decatur Downtown Redevelopment Authority that culminates in the completed design phase of wh...at is to be known as the Decatur Gateway Pedestrian Bridge.

This proposed bridge is one of the critical components in the Strategic Plan for the on-going revitalization and redevelopment of downtown Decatur. This single direct tie would allow safe pedestrian access between the riverfront and the downtown via foot traffic that would be unimpeded by the heavy flow of traffic on a major highway.

The Decatur Downtown Redevelopment Authority is the lead manager for the development of the Decatur Gateway Pedestrian Bridge Engineering and Education Design Program and in doing so, is responsible for coordinating all parties involved in the process. This is a unique program in that it brings together the STEM program engineering classes at Austin High School in Decatur and the various design and engineering firms involved in the design of the bridge itself. The students are given the opportunity to work side by side with the professional firms in the classroom and in the field to create a community oriented, real time, practical project that will deliver a high profile impact on the future economic development of the city itself. The end result will have immersed the student in the realities of the engineering design process that will take them from the initial concept to bid ready plans and specifications.

Click the link to watch the Decatur Gateway Pedestrian Bridge Project video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1gi7MWimpd4

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