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2010 - 2014 Accomplishments

Downtown has been evolving into a vibrant place to shop, dine, play and work. The new 2015-2019 Strategic Plan is designed to help downtown become even more vibrant, prosperous, livable and culturally alive. Our successes will help us in assisting existing businesses downtown, recruiting new targeted businesses and establishing a sense of destination, all of which are vital to the Decatur area’s economic well-being and establishing downtown Decatur as the city’s center once again.

  • Completed the 2nd Avenue streetscape
  • Started new Lower Bank Street streetscape (will be completed by year end, 2014)
  • Finished the 43,000 sq. ft., Alabama Center for the Arts, Phase I (now in year 2). Construction is underway on Phase II
  • Commenced construction on Founders Park Amphitheatre (should be completed by year end, 2014)
  • Finished 2nd Avenue Pocket Parks - Jones Park and Casa Grande Gardens
  • Completed bid-ready plans for the Gateway Pedestrian Bridge
  • Generated 65 new business (almost triple our goal of 25)
  • Created 451 new jobs (well over our goal of 350)
  • Increased Decatur’s tax base by almost $3 million
  • Generated $10 million in new payroll
  • Over $23 million in capital investments
  • Generated a return of nearly $3 to each invested dollar ($193,000 of improvements were made possible through DDRA Incentive Grant participation with payments in excess of $67,000)

2015 - 2019 Goals

  • Establish a minimum of 50 residential units in the City Center
  • Create 250 new jobs from new and existing business expansions
  • Restore the functionality of the historic Railroad Depot
  • Recruit 50 new businesses to the City Center
  • Assist a minimum of 25 existing businesses with their expansion needs
  • Prioritize 6th Avenue Gateway Corridor development
  • Develop the Museum District to include part of the Railroad Depot and the new Cook Museum Project
  • Develop the Entrepreneurial Center for the Arts in downtown

Grants Awarded to Date

DDRA has been successful in being awarded a number of state and federal grants for downtown projects. Some are finished, underway or are slated for the future. The State Transportation Enhancement Grants were achieved through much effort from Senator Arthur Orr. The Partnership for Progress funds were instrumental in these matching grants to facilitate the maximum leverage with the DDRA's strategic plan budget dollars.

ALDOT Transportation Enhancement Lower Bank Streetscape $500,000
ALDOT Transportation Enhancement Railroad Depot $900,000
ALDOT Transportation Enhancement 2nd Ave Streetscape $712,000
Federal Appropriation Sessions & Aderholt Streetscape Downtown Corridor $570,000
Federal ARC Retail Study $10,000
GREAT TOTAL $2,692,000

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